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Dinner Menu

Chef’s Special

Not available after 10 PM.
Burgundy beef rolled lasagna32
Braised beef bolognese sauce, pork belly rillon, parmesan cheese, house made lasagna sheet.

Hors D’Oeuvres

Burgundy Forest Escargots13
Tomatoes, Maitre D' butter, fried garlic, persillade, herb of provence toasted brioche
*Steak Tartare16
Balsamic mayonnaise sauce, candied fresno, tajin pop corn, caper berries.
Served with toasted bread. Add a yolk +1.5
3pcs*Chilled Oysters12
Champagne mignonette, lime, house made hot sauce
3pcsFrench riviera grilled oyster (Rockefeller style)12
Tomato/feta butter, spinach, panko.

Entre Amis
(fun to share)

3 pcsRillons de Kansas City14
Crispy pork belly bao, Dijon asian sauce, kirby pickles, carrot slaw.
*Substitute braised daikon for vegetarian option*
newCordon bleu croquettes13
Stuffed croquette with chicken, ham and raclette cheese, served with remoulade (homemade herbed/mustard mayonnaise) as a dipping sauce
*P.E.I Mussels17
Coconut curry, fennel, cilantro (or have it mariniere)
Cheese Plate17
4 cheeses with accompaniments


Arugula Salad9
Lemon and truffle vinaigrette, radishes, grana padano
Beet Salad11
Gold and red beets, goat cheese, candied pecan, butter lettuce, French dressing.

Plats Principaux

Salmon en croute(not available after 10pm) 33
Mushroom duxelle, spinach, dill sauce, salmon roe and puff pastry.
*Canard à la Framboise(not available after 10pm) 34
Peking style duck breast, acidified blueberries, green pea flan, daikon, raspberry jus.
Seared Diver Scallops36
Black truffle Risotto, citrus vinegar
*Steak Frites29
Béarnaise, maitre D' butter, pommes frites.
+$6 for steak au poivre.

Les Pâtes

Pea ravioli18
Peas, brown butter lemon sauce, grana padano, fried mint
Vegan Lasagna19
Butternut, tofu bolognese, almond bechamel sauce, toasted pumpkin seeds and crushed almonds, sauteed mushrooms.
Add 3 scallops +$20
*Salmon Fettucini23
Seared salmon, smoked salmon, roe, kirby pickles, creamy dill sauce, black and white sesame.
Lamb ragù23
Fresh pappardelle , grana padano, carrots, celery, lamb ragu tomato sauce.


*Croque Madame16
gruyere, ham, crème fraiche, sunny eggs
With french fries or salad
*Westport Cafe Burger17
Herb de Provence bun, raclette cheese, remoulade sauce, caramelized onion, , cornichon.
Served with french fries or salad. Make it extra French for +$4.


Pommes Frites7
Mayonnaise & Ketchup
Add truffle and grana padano cheese +$2.5
Side of Black truffle risotto9
Add Salmon13
5 slices of salmon
Add 3 scallops20

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.