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Consulting Services


La Belle Époque is a restaurant consulting and bar firm located in Kansas City, Missouri. Nicolas Mermet, Kevin Mouhot and Romain Monnoyeur provide many years of experience and knowledge that will develop your vision and concept.

Being a restaurateur is an art form for which we have developed a passion through our cumulative years in the industry. As consultants, we want to seek out new creative opportunities to express this passion.

We implement hard work, intuition, education and a desire to connect people.

“Humility and willingness to learn from others helps us grow.”

Every day we learn something new in our current restaurant, and we are ready to offer this knowledge to a current or aspiring restaurant owner. We are working toward new ways of approaching challenges, while improving our business. We think being in your comfort zone is never a place that you want to be. We build our relationships upon trust, and as partners we are committed to making your business better and more efficient.

Our team

Nicolas Mermet, Kevin Mouhot and Romain Monnoyeur have a strong culinary background. All three attended culinary school in France for six years and have been running a successful restaurant and catering company in Kansas City for the past three years.


Front of the house/bar

At a very young age, Kevin developed a strong passion for food due to his grandfather, who was a butcher. This led to Kevin enrolling in culinary school at the age of 15. For 6 years Kevin studied every aspect of the food and beverage industry. After graduating with honors, he began his travels around the world to gain experience in different restaurants (Missouri, Florida, England, Monte-Carlo, etc.) In 2015, he decided to buy a French bistro in Kansas City with his partner, Romain. Since then, his business has been successful, carrying a great reputation in Kansas City.



Romain serves as the Executive Chef of Westport Cafe & Bar. Born into a family of seasoned cooks, gardeners, and wine makers in the hills of Lyon, France, Romain has long been impassioned by the joys of cooking, with special attention given to sourcing the finest ingredients. He brings his nearly nine years of professional culinary experience in France and the United States to Kansas City, having served roles at Ducasse in Monaco, Epcot Center’s Monsieur Paul in Orlando, Mandarin Oriental (2 stars Michelin) in Paris and Caillebotte in Paris, which was voted best bistro in Paris in 2014.



Nicolas has been captivated by the food industry since his childhood. After studying in a hospitality school, he attended the University of Chambéry to specialize in the marketing and finance aspects of the food and beverage industry. After finishing school, Nicolas traveled and worked for different corporations (The Venetian in Las Vegas, Intercontinental in Chengdu, China and Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne). Currently, he oversees management and development of the catering company, Signature Events, and serves as Assistant General Manager at Westport Cafe and Bar.

Our Services

We are willing to provide all kinds of consulting work :


    • Creation of a concept
    • Restaurant owner facing difficulties
    • Restaurant owner wanting to increase his sales by maximizing the operation and generating different sources of income.

Having a consultant next to you is a worthwhile investment and you will received a huge ROI.


Thanks to all this combined knowledge, we are offering different services :


  • Menu design and recipes
  • Stock administration protocol
  • Vendor selections
  • POS configuration
  • Creation of wine list, beer list and other liquors.
  • Creation of food menu (bar menu, brunch, happy hour, lunch and dinner)
  • Training manuals
  • Developing and implementing service protocols
  • Improving the culture of service within culinary school standards
  • Helping restaurant owners clarify their vision
  • Training staff and working hands-on with the staff to get them to where they need to be in their performance.
  • Assisting with team building and increasing talents
  • Organization and improving health code protocols
  • Food cost/labor cost review that will increase profitability

After meeting you we will give you a list of items with actionable steps and deadlines.


Restaurant consultant contact: